Third Time Lucky

· Thursday September 15, 2016

Third Time Lucky is the new kid on an old block, quite literally - the last store in a small row of Lockleys shops that have been there long before anyone in Adelaide had ever heard of a cappuccino. Dreamt up by coffee-pastry aficionados/best-buds Quang Nguyen and Heath Dalziel (responsible for Richmond brunch-time haven Devour Café & Patisserie), Third Time Lucky is their newest (ad)venture.

Perched just off Henley Beach Road, Third Time Lucky have a big friendly Maneki-neko (or 'lucky cat') beckoning the curious passer-by in. Inside, it’s matched by another neko buddy - this one neon and blue - who confirms with one affirming paw raised, that these guys know what they're doing when it comes to style. Though modestly sized, the space is filled with lots of natural light from all sides and an abundance of green (thanks to the golf-course across the road) which floods in through the big art-deco window, complimented by palms and pot-plants scattered lovingly about the place.

Still with the same ol’ emphasis on good coffee and perhaps-too-good small pastries, (looking at you- salted caramel donut) Quang and Heath have decided to simplify things a little this time round, honing in on quality over quantity. However, they don’t promise anything to be set in stone: in the month they’ve been in action the menu has grown from just donuts to include a veritable banquet of bagel variations (okay so there’s 5, but trust me - its enough), all made and prepared in-house. I strongly advise you to give the pastrami sauerkraut a crack. It has dill pickles- what more need be known?