'Femme', House of Cards SS16

· Thursday October 20, 2016

Growing up I was more of a Dennis the Menace than a Darla. Rather than tutus I had a shoddily taped slingshot in the back of my overalls and I'd rub dirt into my culottes. I even had the bowl haircut and a bike basket full of crusted Sticky Hands. I'm not making any gender commentary, this is just the aesthetic preference I had as a girl. I've still retained the Dennis style and attitude in my adult life, but I'll be damned if I don't want every single thing from the House of Cards 'Femme' range.

Foamy pinks and dreamy puffs have hypnotised me this year, awakening a Femme Dennis and if you too have been similarly hypnotised, this range has got you covered. The Summer wares are all voluminous metallics and tulle thrown together with an early noughties Nokia print that squeals and eye-rolls off the screen. Using their signature wonky cuts, sheer detail and embroidered emblem, 'Femme' has a hallucinatory feel too. I can totally imagine sling shotting some dickhead in those silky boob-print booty shorts, or idly rubbing dirt into the peach crevasses of that tulle mini dress. And, well that FEMME print long tee is near-perfect for displaying the contents of last years gag showbag in your bike basket.

It's never been a better time to be a Femme-Dennis, and House of Cards is bringing the summer uniform.