Up Tights

· Wednesday May 16, 2012

Leggings. Let’s take a moment to consider that word. Do we have skullings? No, we have beanies. What about footings? We use shoes for that! It’s a weird word (a verb AND a noun!) and a frankly pretty weird piece of apparel (pants AND not pants!) Despite the weird, do you want them perma-sprayed on your legs? Ninety-eight times out of one hundred, the answer is probably.

Penny Kokinelis is a 26-year-old from Sydney. She makes kaleidoscopic leggings (or, ok, ‘tights’ – ALSO WEIRD) for her label Up Tights. Penny does everything from design the graphics, to sew the garments, to budgeting and distribution. Feeling lazy yet? That’s ok, leggings are perfect for that. Cracking that classic dude leg-splay just got one bit easier, ladies.

The prints range from super-cute raindrops and blue birds to white static and sugar skulls, stamped on a matte polyester lycra, and as I said, totally handmade, so there can be a tiny bit of a delay between when you order and when you wear. From a doodle in the park, inspirations like her grandpa’s pajamas, the illustrations from 50's kids books, Manish Arora and Marimekko studio of the 60's transform into something new, but not neu-rave. There’s also twisted zany house-mom turbans and dresses planned for later in the year. It all adds up to: we likings.