Yevu's Summer range is here

· Thursday November 24, 2016

We've fawned all over our mates at YEVU several times for you now and we won't condescend you further, dear readers, with another batch of explanations. Take this simply as a PSA to lube up your shopping fingers and tap on over to the YEVU online store for some fresh Summer goods.

Founder Anna Robertson has brought the new range back from Ghana with a streamlining of print choices to a few curated gems and an increase in social impact for the collaborative team in Accra. As the business grows, so too has the skill training and job security of her Ghanaian partners, YEVU is able to provide on site child care and computer literacy tuition now, for example. Also kicking the wheels of sustainability into action, is the simplifying of silhouettes and print runs. The new stuff is reduced to the most popular prints (<3 prawns) and a selection of new and old pearlers.

There's some recent additions like a sassy wrap dress (with divine breezy flaps for your hot day convenience), a high-fash panelled shift and a powerful unisex block jacket with matching flares. And there's the 'ol classics like the mini skirt, shorts and Kente caps galore. Head over and browse. PSA over. And, with…more information than we said we would, sorry bout that.