BV, 'B2V'

· Thursday December 1, 2016

BV are Sydney's emotional answer to the late night problems the city is experiencing, and in turn the effect on Sydney's (and the rest of Australia's) creative culture. Listening to their second full length mixtape, three years since they dropped their debut Black on Black on Black as Black Vanilla, I'm blown away by the personality and character a bass record can hold, and I feel more than ever that we need this kind of dance music.

The trio - Marcus Whale, Jarred Beeler and Lavurn Lee - have been creative and personal collaborators for years now, and B2V is testament to this. The eight-track, self-released mixtape is slightly more coherent and club-ready, but only just, and will challenge the floor any night of the week. The sensual as fuck vocals of Whale (Collarbones and solo Marcus Whale) and Lee (Cassius Select) provide some kind of ethereal overlay for Beeler and Lee's steppy, syncopated and minimal production. But again, in a relatively industrial sound there is so much heart and connection. The trio talk about friendship, hardships and fighting hard for a place to feel safe and comfortable for dancing and music in their interviews for this release, and you can tell BV are doing all they can to relay this through the music.

B2V is a seminal release for BV, and it marks their return to the mainstage and more importantly, to the club. Bass music is something Australia need a lot more of to build an exciting and safe club culture, and this is the lead we need to follow. Put it on loud and start in your bedroom, even if it stays right there.