Lossless self-titled debut

· Thursday November 24, 2016

It’s well established at this point that one of the great aesthetic well-springs that contemporary pop music draws from is video games. Lossless’s self titled album is no exception. With hooky assaults like Full Raichu, not only are things like Pokèmon referenced lyrically, the colour palette throughout the album is evocative of the naff musical timbre’s heard playing on your beloved Nintendo 64. The virtual is becoming more and more a preoccupation in pop circles. Lossless’s music wouldn’t feel out of place in a Mortal Kombat game, it's music to perform devastating finishing moves to.

After listening to the first four tracks you would be forgiven for thinking the album was simply a hard-hitting and defensively macho outing à la Drake and Future's What a Time to Be Alive – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The first half of the album delivers a barrage of plunging 808 kicks, grimacing synths and HTMLflower’s hawkish vocals that are invigorating – natural head rockers.

The track 'Multiples', which spotlights Oscar Key Sung’s delicate voice bolstered by metallic vocal harmonies, bridges the way to the second half of the album. By the time 'Rain Lung' hits the album is in a different gear. The defensive bravado is dropped and we’re treated to impassioned reflections on mortality and candid depictions of hardship.

The album has a logical progression to it; at the start Lossless has you at an arms length as they spar with you, as the proximity shrinks you see its quirks and frailties, making it an energised and charming listen.