Rites Wild, 'Rites Wild' EP

· Wednesday April 27, 2011

Rites Wild is the newest moniker of Stacey Wilson, nee Staci Wilson, Tall Tall Trees, All Made of Rubies and one third of the steeply trending Adelaide Post-Punk outfit Terrible Truths. Where Wilson's collaborative efforts tended to be of a petulant, angular variety, Rites Wild is a foray into darker, psychedelic territory.

Which isn't to say that the synth-laden debut EP is a drag, or that Stacey doesn't have a sense of humour. The foreboding earth hum and echoing percussion of 'Ill Health' sounds like a crude psychological thriller starring Ernest Borgnine. In a recent interview Wilson herself describes the EP as “echoey cosmic stoner drone pop.” Think Twin Peaks re-shot in the Sea of Tranquility. Moorish pop hooks, paired-back and repeated until they sound like the glacial private thoughts of a levitating cyborg shaman.

The whole analog synth, '80s Darkwave thing sets up a peculiar dissonance - is it dated and campy, or is it weirdly sinister, cold and cosmic? The easy answer is blaze up and enjoy it on both levels.