Scott & Charlene's Wedding / Peak Twins split LP

· Wednesday May 9, 2012

With songs such as 'Footscray Station' and 'Epping Line', Scott & Charlene's Wedding's debut Para Vista Social Club is a modern Australian classic. Good news is that after hightailing it to NYC, S&CW main man Craig Dermody is back with a split LP with Adelaide pals Peak Twins.

From the opening 'Two Weeks' to 'I Wanna Die' - which first appeared on his more punk band Divorced, here slowed to a feral crawl - Dermody creates a lackadaisical and seemingly effortless pop. He nails the mundane minutiae of Australian suburban life. A Raymond Carver from Adelaide. A lo-fi musician in a hi-vis work vest. “I'm labouring some houses and I'm making good coin,” he sings on 'Gammy Leg'. That's until he fucks it up and “blood is pissing everywhere” in what could be the first ever indie WorkSafe jingle.

Peak Twins - Liam Kenny, Joel Carey and friends - present open-eyed and honest pop often with just simple vocal interplay, tambourine and guitar. “These are the girls I kissed for fun but you are my only one,” sings Joel on 'Only Sun'. But later, “I didn't know you would chose the other one when I was alone.” Didn't think anyone could out-slack the Twerps? Think again.

Their cover of Jack Nitzsche / Sonny Bono's classic 'Needles and Pins' takes an already sad song and makes it sadder. 'Your Love' is the best song on the album. Full stop. I'm not going to bullshit you. This is an essential album.