· Thursday March 7, 2013

Sometimes photographers seem to have more in common with mad scientists than with other artists. For them, it’s not just about the moment of capturing an image, but the process of developing in the lab. In the dark, under the soft glow of the red lights, photographers spend hours upon hours conducting experiments with various chemicals and contraptions.
Distorted, opening at Tooth and Nail gallery, brings together seven artists working with experimental photography and photo-media. Local artists Alex Bishop-Thorpe, Alice Blanch, Andrew Dearman & Aurelia Carbone come together with Pete Punkette, James Tylor and Felix Wilson from Hobart, to present this two-part travelling exhibition. Showing here in Adelaide and later at Constance Gallery in Hobart, it is exciting to have this inter-city exchange.

Through experimenting in various stages of the photographic process, the artist aim to alter perception and challenge the reality associated with the photographic image. Optical illusions and strange processes join forces with analogue techniques to produce photos that are way beyond the average ‘point and shoot’. Distorted isn’t just about images, it’s about science, experimentation, and the possibilities presented by the photographic medium.