FELTspace Fundraising Auction 2016

· Thursday November 24, 2016

So, it's that time again. Christmas is upon us, you haven't started thinking about presents 'cos you've got rent to pay, you're dying from hayfever and if you're not already dead well there's always Peter Dutton. He's not really season-specific but we'll lump him in there with the Christmas dread. And while we're at it, arts funding is getting chopped by the truckload and you're wondering if you can make a difference anymore. Right? Even if I'm not right, here - FELTspace is holding it's annual fundraising auction this week and you can actually give a little (or a lot) to this incredible organisation and the arts community in general.

This is how it works this year: take a look at the art up for grabs in the two days preceding the auction. You can decide on your faves and smash your piggy banks in anticipation. (You can also have a squiz here at the works up for grabs). Then, come along to the auction at the cute and totally pro Compton St gallery on Friday November 25, where the bar will open at 5.30pm (very important at auctions) and the bidding starts at 6.30pm. Get as many drinks in as you can before the bidding starts so you're loose with your change and your rivals will be too, so you'll end up with the piece that was just outta your budget. FELTspace will thank you dearly. This year, 40% of the price received for each piece will go straight back to the artist, a telling tale that even though this is a fundraising auction, FELTspace know how to do it right. There are so many artists giving this year - Celeste Aldahn, Roy Ananda, Richard Bell, Louise Haselton, Anna Horne, Olivia Kathigitis, Zoe Kirkwood, Sue Kneebone and Christian Lock to name a minuscule portion.

This is one of the biggest ARI events of the year in Adelaide (and let's face it, the world), so come and be a part of it, so that it may last another year. Who knows, maybe you'll walk away with a piece that'll set off your lounge room so well you won't have to tell your aunties at another Christmas that you're single and childless and that that's ok - instead you can all talk about the art you bought to help the city.