Lost For Words

· Thursday February 23, 2012

When I was younger I was shy, always lost for words. I am still shy, I guess. In front of art I often find myself struggling to find the right thing to say. Lost For Words brings together a group of artists whose practice explores language and text. The exhibition features work by John Barbour, Louise Hasleton, Olga Sankey (curator), Simone Slee and Sandra Uray-Kennett. Part poem with a little bit of humour (Slee’s work is always amusing), it is also a meditation on gesture and form.

Sankey’s use of text looks at the gaps between words, the breakdown, the interpretation. 'Where' and 'There' become 'here' in her work 'Lost'. Barbour's work is shy. Beneath light flowing layers of cotton lies a pink stain and embroidered text that reads ‘rag man’.

Sometimes it’s not so much whether you have the words, but whether you are willing or able to communicate them. Here use of language moves beyond that of narrative or meaning, into a space where all around us everything is writing. In the words of Duras, “the immensity of an illegible poem will unfurl across the sky”. Deep.