Louise Feneley & Kate Bergin

· Thursday October 14, 2010

I'm not so into hyper-realistic painting. I have a feeling it's because I'm too lazy and unskilled to do it myself. However, a lot of people are into paintings that actually look like something. Like Louise Feneley and Kate Bergin, who make paintings that actually look like something.

Louise Feneley paints sheets. Well, technically, they are shrouds. Shrouds are sheets that you put over people that are dead before you bury them. Feneley paints these shrouds really, really well. I should know. At art school they tried to teach us how to draw sheets and it was:

a) really hard
b) really boring

Feneley's shrouds look just like a photograph. Incredible.

Kate Bergin paints weird stuff that it'd be really hard to take a photo of, except she does it so well it also looks like a photo. Kate's paintings represent things that don't even exist. Like a black swan on a table, holding spectacles, next to a telephone. God knows what that means but bygawd it looks beautiful.