'Restless' at the AEAF

· Thursday March 1, 2012

Restless is an uncomfortable state. It’s a build up of energy waiting to be expelled. There is a nervousness, and a movement - the feeling that you get when you’ve been stuck in a car for 6 hours on a road trip to Melbourne.

Restless at the AEAF, part of a bigger, multi-gallery series run under through the Adelaide Festival, features the work of Mexican artist Theresa Margolles. Margolles lives in Mexico City, so it isn’t much of a surprise that her work is about murder, drugs and politics. However, in contrast to the violent context, her work is subtle and her aesthetic is minimal. There are no guns. Margolles’ practice is about the restless energy that exists between life and death. Working with the remnants of threads used for autopsies of anonymous victims, she places the viewer in the presence of the absent victim.

Meanwhile, Riley O’Keeffe’s work In/Finite, curated by Katie Barber, will be shown in the Odradekaeaf (window gallery). Considering the concept of death as the ultimate plateau, his work (part painting, part multidimensional travel device) uses fragments, cracks and ruptures in an attempt to break through to the void.