Little Tokyo

· Wednesday March 6, 2013

Japan is a place where dreams are made. A friend described the Tokyo Disneyland as Disneyland on steroids. Disneyland. On steroids. But that’s only one tiny part. The food and the clothes and the mountains and the trains and the old warriors and the shiny buildings. They’re all there. So, if they’re there, and we’re here, how do we get involved? The closest you’ll get apart from YouTube is Little Tokyo in the Central Markets.

Here are some things about Little Tokyo:

1) You can buy shaved ice with strawberry flavouring and sweet condensed milk. This is the most important thing I must tell you. For $3.50 you may not ever need to have sex again.*

2) You can buy okonomiyaki flour and have an okonomiyaki party with your friends just like you would if you were a Tokyo hipster.

3) You can buy all the types of tofu to make Agedashi tofu at home, and then all the other different types of tofu.

4) A whole fridge of different Japanese sakes.

5) Many different types of socks with different amounts of spaces for varied toe coverage.

This is by no means a comprehensive list. However, Little Tokyo is a shop for all Asian culture enthusiasts. A small pot of gold at the end of the tram rainbow, if you get off the rainbow at Victoria Square. Have a look, you’ll walk out with more gold than ever.

*Obviously a sensationalist comment. However, please do try.