Paradise Loft Records

· Thursday October 20, 2016

Paradise Loft is on the ground floor of Regent Arcade, incidentally, but it holds up to the other half of it's name. The boutique record store, assisted into physical reality for brothers Lewis and Oliver Graham by Renew Adelaide, is a paradise found for those as in love with boogie, funk, hip-hop, reggae and disco as the brothers themselves.

The set-up of the shop is DIY and sparse, which confirms the ideology behind the retail outlet, named after Paradise Garage and the Loft - two of the most influential New York nightclubs of the 70's and 80's that housed the birth of dance music. The Graham brothers have been holding parties in Adelaide since they were old and wise enough to do so; for a long time now the two have been a critical part of an important, relatively underground dance party scene. Whether you've experienced this first hand or not doesn't seem to be that important - the pair have definitely had a huge impact on the city's record-spinning culture and probably any of the smaller clubs you might find yourself in today.

A few years living in Melbourne and New York has seen them return to their home-town to love the city they grew up in, and keep on giving back, with a broader knowledge of the vinyl world and those who live and thrive within it. Paradise Loft is also a very good online radio podcast, a live DJ set, a semi-regular record fair and a couple of the sweetest, smiliest and knowledgable shop proprietors you'll ever meet. The stock comes mostly from the US and is only gold, mostly 12" singles - a real music lover's shop. If you're interested in classic or new albums, this probably isn't the place for you, but you'd do well to put your foot in the clear, warm and very deep waters of funk and disco love. You'll be in very good hands.