Devil's Kitchen and Bar

· Sunday August 17, 2014

Yeah, yeah, we've all eaten hummus before. But the hummus at Devil's Kitchen and Bar isn't just hummus. It's a chickpea cream-dream, topped with your choice of smoky eggplant, merguez sausage, mushrooms or chopped lamb in a tomato sauce, and garnished with green parsley and fluro orange spices. And don't tell me hummus isn't a meal - it's a meal when it's served with toasty bread, tomatoes, onions, olives and those lurid neon pink pickled turnips that all the best felafel joints have.

Devil's Kitchen and Bar doesn't look particularly remarkable - there's no sign on the door and the furniture is exactly the clutter of dirty vintage couches and lampshades you've come to expect from Berlin. The drawcard is the all-night kitchen and the smoky vibe that hovers somewhere between restaurant, tapas joint and local drinking hole. It doesn't really matter whether you want to down six beers and snack sporadically on a plate of whole smokey eggplants swimming in tahini and date honey (dotted with raspberry coloured pomegranate seeds) until 3 in the morning, or if you just wanna have a really damn good dinner – Devil's Kitchen and Bar gotcha back.