Markthalle Neun

· Monday July 14, 2014

Ten years ago, few people would have looked twice through the windows of Kreuzberg's Markethall Nine, and yet it's one of the most historically rich structures in the neighbourhood. Built in 1891, the hall gritted its teeth and survived the Nazi occupation and the war, saw the wall go up just a stones throw from its front entrance and then survived occupation by an ALDI. But the start of the 21st century saw dark, lifeless times fall over the building.

Today the Markthalle operates a little differently to the old days, but it's definitely alive and kicking. Most locals will have stopped by on a Thursday evening for Street Food Thursdays. The night market has just about every food trend of the past five years covered: smoked meat platters, ramen burgers, bao and pork belly in just about every incarnation possible.

But the best thing about the market hall is tucked away in the corner. Heidenpeters make the best beer in Berlin. They make beer that's unequivocally un-German; full of hops, floral aromas and flavour. You can drink it from the tap all evening on a Thursday or drop by for the weekly produce market on a Friday and Saturday to tuck a few bottles into your shopping basket next to your bio meats, locally-produced cheeses and the freshest fruit and vegetables in town.