Wok Show

· Wednesday August 13, 2014

Food wrapped in other food represents the peak of culinary art - the mark of a society bloating its way towards sophistication. Think about it: sausage roll, toad in a hole, pig in a blanket, tortellini, turducken, deep-fried Mars Bar, and of course, the dumpling. Whether Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Polish or Russian, the dumpling has been the subject of much lyrical waxing in the age of the food blogger. Hot bubbly fountains of meat juice erupting out of elastic dough skin-sacks are pretty poetic.

There are surely a few top-notch dumpling joints in Berlin, but dead-cheap top-notch dumpling joints are few and far between. Up in north Prenzlauerberg, a little off from the cluster of mid-range to too-expensive restaurants, is Wok Show. I'm talking pork and spinach dumplings, lamb and zuchinni dumplings, vegetarian chinese cabbage, chive and glass noodle dumplings. I'm talking 20 dumplings for 5.50€, 40 for 10€. Recommended optional extras include the cucumber and garlic salad, the kaufu with bamboo, agaric and lily, and to top it off, a Tsing Tao Beer (refreshingly crisp after months of German Pils). Don't forget to dunk your dumps' in the chilli vinegar!