· Sunday July 13, 2014

Just south of Südkreuz's mini-city of mega-stores is an old malt beer factory complex with big silver ventilation pipes coming out of its red brick walls. After the factory stopped making beer it housed the leather whips of the techno-kink KitKatClub. In 2005 a Swiss investor bought the property. Two years later, KitKatClub moved out and for some reason, instead of the place turning into a giant concrete office block for fat-cats, it's now a friendly home to artists, designers, architects, software designers, professional knitters and, of course, a firm that produces mannequins.

You can pop in anytime to have a nose around, but you'll get your U-Bahn ticket's worth if you come to party there. Festivals Tal Der Verwirrung and Malzwiese are good places to start. If sniffing around old factory junk is more your thing, there are tours every fortnight. Alternatively, there is a self-guided plaque tour of on-site historical traces of the parallel universe Kcymaerxthaere. And for those who are wondering if they can see any actual art in the Malzfabrik 'Kreativzentrum', there's District - an ongoing work space for artists that hosts and presents projects focusing on an engagement with urban space.