Pom-pom fruit

· Tuesday May 27, 2014

Pom-poms: vogueing. Fruit: delicious. Inspired by the internet, we've taken it upon ourselves to put the two together and the results have been great. Our fruit of choice is the strawberry and if you don't like strawberries a) you're a fool and b) you're a fool. Off you go.

What you'll need:
- Wool that is the correct colour for your fruit
- Cardboard
- Glue
- Scissors
- 4 bulldog clips


Step 1
Cut your cardboard into little elongated horseshoes. I expected you'd have to be very specific with these but ended up just making it up. Things turned out well, so casual measurements are allowed. Cut two smaller versions and glue them to two of the bigger ones. Again you can be pretty casual. They're just there to make sure there's room for your scissors to slip in later. Finally, give them some folds where the mini horseshoe ends.


Step 2
Putting together two of the large horseshoes, including one that's conjoined to a mini horseshoe. (This will create the gap for your scissors later on.) Start wrapping your string around it. You're creating your pattern here, and also creating half of your pom pom, so just think about it if you've picked a different fruit. Start wrapping the red wool — which makes up most of the body of a strawberry — around the horseshoe, every now and then adding random white pieces to form the seeds. On one side make it reach the fold you created. On the other side leave room for the green leaves.


Step 3
Do more layers of lots of red and little bits of white until the horseshoe looks pretty full.


Step 5
Loosely wrap the green wool on one side. Just a little bit is fine.


Step 6
Repeat all that on your second set of horseshoes and then, flipping the folds out, hold them together with bulldog clips.


Step 7
Cut up the middle of the edge. Notice how you've made room for your scissors to get in with those smaller horseshoes. Well done.


Step 8
Slip some wool in the gap where your scissors just were, and make it loop up to the top and tie it in a tight knot. This keeps all the little bits of wool together.


Step 9
Remove the cardboard and start giving your little guy a haircut. This feels so much like cutting your own hair - you keep getting to that point where you freak out because maybe you've gone too far. Don't go too far. Wool doesn't grow back. Just kidding, it's OK if you stuff up, because all of the above only took you like 10 seconds so you can easily start again.


Step 10
Attach him somewhere awesome. To your car's rear vision mirror? To your denim jacket? To your key ring? Options: endless.