Let Them Eat Cake & Oh Mini I Am

· Wednesday July 9, 2014

Halway along Weserstrasse, in the middle of what has rapidly become Neukölln's must-see strip, the shop at number 164 has been quietly blooming. Today, the double shop front at the Wildenbrucke end of Weserstrasse is home to two of Neukölln's finest collections of vintage clothing - Let Them Eat Cake and the shop-within-a-shop, Oh Mini I Am.

The space started out as an exhibition and project venue but over the years transformed slowly through a series of weekend markets and pop-up shops to become a full-time vintage store. And then it became two full-time vintage stores. Exhibitions, performances and launches still take place here, but now there are more clothes between the punters.

Four sales assistants work across the stores, and while the stock is sourced from Europe, their Australian, Japanese, Swedish and Finnish backgrounds have influenced their taste. If I were an adventurous dresser more akin to power and/or play suits I'd be all over the bold patterns of the two-piece outfits that hang from the walls, but since I'm not I generally head for the rack of well-cut men's shirts and the Levi's denim jackets, hoping to replace the one somebody stole from me at a bar earlier this year.