Do you dream of electric sheep?

As part of Art and About, The Thousands and Golden Age are co-curating a really exciting project. Inspired by the classic film Bladerunner, 'More Human T...

Accidental Discharge, Issue 2

This is pretty exciting – Accidental Discharge is a feminist-based magazine that started up last year by Maile Shanti – and she was only 17. Not long after e...

Sin Vida

Have you ever had real Mexican food? Put your hand down if you've actually been to Mexico, no-one likes a show off. I've never had real Mexican food...

An Interview with Dom from Wireheads

What do you do when you wanna record a rock album and feel like maybe you could do something kinda cool and interesting with it instead of just wack some mic...

Love Signs single launch

Love Signs launched their brand new single, and everyone looked out-bloody-standing. Surprising? No. Lovely? Yes.

The Stores

It seems weird to write about what is essentially a very (very) fancy supermarket, but The Stores, a new food market that's just opened in West End, does...

St Baxter

Just opened in New Farm, St Baxter is a Californian-style eatery serving fusion food that's hard to fault. Fitted out with sunset hues and cacti, St Ba...

A ZICS mixtape by Nicky Minus

The Zine and Indie Comics Symposium (a.k.a. ZICS) is upon us again, and to get us all in the mood for some cutting / pasting / drawing / comic drooling-over,...

Pallet coffee table

I'm not the DIY type. The only thing I've ever built is a lopsided tea tray for Year 9 woodwork. Then Northcote hard rubbish day came along and this ...

The Overnight

Before reading through this year’s MIFF program, I didn’t even know Sex Comedy was a genre. But it is; “a comedy motivated by sexual situations and love affa...

Minna Gilligan, 'Time After Time'

Dear Diary, Today I read Minna Gilligan’s fashion book ‘Time After Time’. It made me want to write in you even though I have never written more than one dia...

Celebrity non-chef with Sui Zhen, agedashi tofu entree

Becky Sui Zhen's music feels like a warm swim with just enough salty sting. Turns out she applies a similar level of simple-yet-luxurious production to h...

Slipstream festival

A bunch of beauties met at Metro Arts over the weekend to explore time-based art. We captured some lovely moments.

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Small discoveries from the world's biggest city. We are pleased to welcome Thousands Tokyo to The Thousands family.

Summer Road Trip Series


We're going on a road trip – a whole bunch of 'em, and all thanks to the good people at Hertz, who are making life easier for 21–24 year old 'Young Renters' wanting to hire a car.

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