Jocelyn’s Provisions Christmas pop-up

· Thursday December 1, 2016

The godliness of the baked goods at Jocelyn’s Provisions is old news. Like, over a decade old. But you know what’s new? This pop-up. This pop-up at the end of Queen Street. This pop-up where you can go in and try samples of things when originally you were maybe just in the city to print things at Officeworks. This pop-up that is so close to where you work that maybe you just swing by to order a cake for Christmas to make your mum really happy, but also grab yourself a tart for afternoon tea.

I tried each of the things on show, and am shocked by how much I liked their Christmas cake. I thought nobody liked Christmas cake, to be honest, but it was delicious. That moment reminded me of the first time I actually liked beer. You know when you’re young and you try a sip each year when you pinch the bottle from your dad when he’s distracted with the BBQ, but it tastes gross and you think adults are dumb, then one year the clouds break open and you’re like “ohmygodifinallyunderstand”. I had that moment with Christmas cake yesterday.

But what I encourage you to eat from this store, more than anything else, are the Strazburgers. Two little shortbreads with some jam in between then dipped in a bit of chocolate. This shortbread melts in your mouth like a dream. Or a miracle. Or something. Also, obviously, the cupcakes. I got one vanilla-passionfruit and also one raspberry, and when I ate them I heard angels singing in my ears. Sweet but strong-flavoured icing. Light but moist cake. If you work in the city I encourage you to eat one of their quiche pastry things for lunch. You will not regret it.

The moral of this story is that you should visit this popup to buy things both for yourself to eat (immediately) and for gifts for other people to eat around the silly season. If the trip over to Jocelyn’s Provisions’ normal store in James Street, Fort Valley, is too far for you normally, then this popup leaves you with no excuse – and a deadline.