Melt Brothers

· Thursday December 1, 2016

Let’s cut to the chase: these are damn good grilled cheese sandwiches. The kind where you say “I wish I could eat this every day.” The kind where you look out the window at the passers-by and think “If everyone in the world just took a 15 minute break and had a grilled cheese sandwich this good, and a beer this cold, wouldn’t we all just be kinder to one another? Wouldn’t the world turn on it’s axis a little easier?”

Mine was the veggie option, the “Hippie Cheese”, and though I resent any suggestion that my desire to avoid meat makes me a hippie, it was tasty. Perfect level of saltiness, and a nice gentle-but-high-quality mozzarella to balance out the pesto. A little oily, yes, but I don’t think you’d have that problem on most of the other options because they don’t have bulk grilled veggies in them. Other options that sounded cool had things like buttermilk fried chicken, NYC salami stuff, and some kind of tasty dessert option.

The “Mouse Trap” which is three kinds of cheese is their cheapest, and for an extra $1.50 you can make it vegan. The non-vegan version is Havarti, American cheese, aged cheddar, and dijon mustard. I wanted to ask if the vegan version also included three different types of vegan cheese, but they were too busy by the time I finished my tater tots. Which reminds me – I thought we called these thingos potato gems? Is that not fancy enough? Regardless of what you call them, for $1.50 you can fill your toastie with them. I regret not trying this, but I also prefer for the integrity of the crispy shell of my POTATO GEMS to not be disturbed by the oils and butters that occur naturally on the inside of a toastie.

If I could be so bold as to make a single suggestion for improvement, it would be that they instigate some kind of combo meal option. At Ben’s Burgers they do this super clever thing where you get a burger plus chips plus beer for $20. I ordered a toastie plus tater tots plus beer from Melt Bros and it was about $23. Who doesn’t have a chips plus drink option these days? Am I losing my mind?

These brothers have nailed their branding. It’s all crisp yellows and whites, and how on earth did they get that custom La Marzocco coffee machine!? Point of information: I didn’t try the coffee, but I know for a fact that Fonzie Abbott coffee brewed in a La Marzocco is good. The exact combo is what keeps people returning to Noosa Chocolate Factory too. If I still worked in the city I could see this place quickly becoming a pit-stop perk-up on the way to the office.