Our Place

· Wednesday February 22, 2012

Last night two young men approached me in the Valley Mall and proposed I come on over to ‘Our Place’. I was young, I was naive, and with Nelly’s lyrics still ringing in my ears, I went along.

Okay, so Our Place might be their place but it’s also my place, because it’s a place created with all of us in mind. Turns out that those lads, Matt Lee and Justin Kong, had only the purest of intentions (and promptly served me a Pure Blonde as promised). You may know their faces from other bars like Archive where they’ve worked - it’s no secret that they’ve been gathering intel on how to run a good and proper establishment.

Our Place has turned prime 299 real estate completely on its head. The walls are plastered in newspaper, the place is dotted with books, board games and (awkward) family photos - in fact, the whole place has an unprecedented wholesomeness to it. Homely and comfy, you can really kick back here on the vintage couches and cushioned milk crates. Bless them, they have even installed a letterbox on the white picket fence which sits outside in the evening, and no one has even vomited in it yet! Making honest men and women out of us one by one, Our Place is just like home sweet home.