· Thursday July 21, 2016

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that like jaffles, and those I don’t trust. You don’t like delicious ingredients housed in cute, buttered and toasted bread triangles? Get out of here! Stay away from me! And definitely stay away from Ronny’s, because this place caters to my kind of people: good, honest jaffle lovers. Friends, welcome to jaffle heaven. You are safe here.

Joining sister café Ramekins at Carseldine Central, Ronny’s is a personal godsend. My parents live in Carseldine and it used to be nigh on impossible to get a decent coffee when visiting them. Thankfully, the coffee here is solid and those dark days are well and truly behind me.

The real draw though is the jaffles, of course. They’ve got classics like Heinz spaghetti on board, along with more unusual iterations like pastrami, Swiss cheese and sauerkraut, and a Hawaiian-themed number. They’ve even got dessert covered, with a range of sweet jaffles so tantalising that I’m actually drooling while typing this. Nutella, banana, strawberry and white chocolate all tucked into the one jaffle? Gimme. A Snickers jaffle with a side of ice cream? I’ll take two.

I took my Mum along on this particular jaffle jaunt and she was seriously impressed. In fact, she liked Ronny’s so much that after we’d eaten she let out a satisfied sigh and exclaimed, “That’s it, I’m buying one of these jaffle machines for your Nanna!” And I’m sure Nanna will love it: she’s the kind of person I trust.