The Crosstown Eating House (breakfast)

· Monday February 20, 2012

The Crosstown Eating House is now open for breakfast. Like we needed another reason to go back and check them out.  Before you complain about wanting milk with your coffee (these dudes infamously serve only short blacks), rest assured, Crosstown's now meeting your milk demands in the morning. Photo provided as proof!

The menu is, let's just say - a bit eclectic. You’ll find some classics with a twist, such as the French toast with double smoked bacon that's as epic as Mt. Blanc and just as hard to conquer. Then there’s the contemporary done well - tacos are all the rage at the moment but why go for authentic Mexican when 'avant-garde' tastes better?

Interestingly you’ll also find a couple of foreign breakie choices. I sure haven't had a Thai Pad Kra Pao in the morning since my backpacker days (best forgotten). It does remind me though that the cocktails are served early here too. Early enough for you to linger on into lunch. Oops, now it's dinner time. This could become a problem.