The End

· Thursday September 22, 2011

Excuse me for being a little tipsy as I pen this review. Let it be proof that West End’s newest bar, The End, is a place you linger rather than have a passing drink.

Taking up residence where the mighty Trash Video once stood, The End still pays homage to the land of those with marginalised taste or at least unpopular drinking habits. Open as early as 12pm (depending on the day) the bar stocks a range of local and imported drinks with the pick of which being a peculiarly branded ‘Rainbow’ beer. With all the light and refreshing hints of Queensland and plenty of ummmm… fruitiness, it’s sure to be a summer staple.

VHS remnants still remain to compliment the decor and so too does the nineties furniture. Maybe the furniture is aged to look nineties but I’m going to run with this since I am a bit tipsy and my review is coming to an end. Damn it. Why can’t I be back at the start? Nahhh, I much prefer The End.