· Tuesday September 21, 2010

So, you've been thinking to yourself where I can go to share a tipple and dance like a maniac in this town? I want a place that has a Twin Peaks Americana vibe but with a Northern England Hacienda dance floor feel (prior to the 90s) - and I want Steve Coogan to be the door bitch.

Woodland is the magical tree-house club answer. Okay, so there's no Steve Coogan, but we'd put 50 bucks down on the hard oak wood bar if a Joy Division or a Smiths track doesn't play once during the evening. If it does - well, we're going ask you to swing from the mounted deer head.

With wide-open spaces, booths for your posse and bar staff without attitude, Woodland is the club you've been waiting for. Time to scuff up the dance floor…