Archival Clothing Rucksack

· Saturday April 2, 2011

Penny has been bugging me to write about my backpack for months now. And I've been holding out, not wanting to give away my research. A friend of mine jokes that I have a thing about things to put things in. And he's right. Basically, if I had a cat I would be keeping it in this bag but I suppose that's illegal so here goes.

I haven't been canoeing since I was… I don't know. But the description of this backpack as a 'modern interpretation of the traditional canoe pack' takes me to Max's whole Urban Bushman state of mind. Not that I want to go canoeing, just that I'm now prepared. For either canoeing, or carrying around a bunch of books and Apple products. Just reading through the list of materials says 'capable': 22-ounce waxed cotton twill, Horween Chromexcel leather, brass hardware, military-grade cotton webbing. (You can get re-proofing wax there as well, and they even provide a handy tutorial.)

Archival Clothing plays it pretty straight. Well-made, handsome stuff, and a good blog (look at these hipsters from 1959!). And hey Max, there's even something there for Tess.