Something Else, Outlaw

· Tuesday July 10, 2012

Maybe it's the dream catcher embroidery on chambray shirts, and the bright green peyote prints, or the black paisley and long-line black lace gowns and silk kimonos; but Something Else's Outlaw collection makes me immediately hum Witchy Woman, and think of the song's muse Zelda Fitzgerald.

And I can just imagine her swallowing the elixir from The Green Fairy and dreaming up the desert hallucinations that manifest in Julie Verhoeven's illustrations, which she has turned into prints for part of the collection. Julie has worked successfully with Versace, Peter Jensen, Marella and plenty more, but it's here in Outlaw that her work fits perfectly.

While the psychedelic and clandestine references are a little more shadowy than Natalie Wood's previous designs for Something Else, the silhouettes are happily typical: clean cut-outs and splits, properly draped fabrics, long knits, and nice pants. And to guide you through the collection sonically, Something Else's art director (and one half of SlowBlow) George Barnes has put together the Sun Kissed Outlaw mix.