Jonti, 'Sine and Moon'

· Wednesday February 1, 2012

Much like stable mate MadlibJonti is a purveyor par excellence of brief musical sketches, tastes, textures, and smells. He proved this agility and adeptness in last year's ‘Twirligig’ and if only to reinforce his prolificacy has released a cache of earlier recordings in the form of Sine and Moon.

Where Madlib relies on heavy vinyl crackle and obscure samples, Jonti roams freely between live instruments, MPC derived beats, his own voice, wobbly basslines, and synthesized atmospherics. Like a cat dancing on a piano, Jonti’s musical ability is what gives Sine and Moon its varied terroir - from the head-nodding rhythm and rhyme of ‘Red and Green’ to the chugging drums, bass, and futuristic synths of ‘Young Wildebeest’.

Sine and Moon is worth the ear time for its sheer variety alone, which is often an element lacking in a lot of rap/beats/hip-hop that ride the mix-tape circuit. Jonti is the ying to Gucci Mane’s yang. Go forth and download.