Seja, 'We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares'

· Thursday April 1, 2010

With handmade felt keyboards adorning the cover and CD face, Seja's charming debut We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares is an instantly intimate and textured experience. ‘I'll Get To You' kicks things off in a nostalgic John Hughes-esque 80s high school sense, invoking that feeling of walking down the corridor to the gymnasium disco, all mirror balls and bad romance.

Her first time in solo form, Seja's voice shimmers delicately over an ocean of programmed beats and vintage synths, while Saul Jarvie's vocal hand in ‘Framed You In Fiction' adds just the right element of diversity.

For the most part, this record is a big departure from the twee Casio-pop sound that defined Sekiden (Sekiden being the band that propelled Seja into the musical spotlight, although she's since spent time playing keys for Regurgitator and creating her cult plush label pul(sew)width). Sublime dream pop harmonies reveal themselves in blissful ebbs and flows throughout the remainder of the record, and, while it may be an album that is stronger in the beginning, it's still a magical listen and an elegant debut, signifying exciting things to come from this local lovely. 

Thanks to Rice Is Nice we have 2 copies of the album and 2 dbl passes to her show to giveaway. To enter email your full name and postal address to with the subject line ‘We Have Secrets But Nobody Cares'