'The Unsung Female Heroes of Rock' playlist by Gusher magazine

· Thursday December 1, 2016

Isabella Trimboli and Juliette Younger are the creators and editors of Gusher Magazine, a print publication about rock written by women and non-men. Paying homage to the thirsty fan journalism of the 70s, Gusher aims to give voice to the other half of the mosh pit and their idols.

They're releasing their second issue soon and are throwing a pretty great fundraising party-gig this weekend with Spike Fuck, Dianas, Solid Effort, Body Type, Okin Osan and Skin Prison. To prepare us all for the femme-gems you'll be flipping through once issue two comes around, the Gusher gals made us this beaut playlist of the unsung female rock heroes we didn't know we needed.

Lizzy Mercier Descloux, 'Fire'

An art school drop out, Lizzy Mercier Descloux's first foray into the music biz was starting her own French music magazine in the 70s. Called Rock News, the first issue featured Iggy Pop on the cover. Declaring punk rock dead in 1976, Lizzy closed the mag, moved to New York City, roomed with Patti Smith and learnt guitar on a Fender Jazzmaster. Her disco-punk cover of Arthur Brown’s 'Fire' should be iconic!

Girls at Our Best, 'Getting Nowhere Fast'

Girls At Our Best crafted the perfect post-punk anthem with 1981 single 'Getting Nowhere Fast'. It’s angst-ridden, defiant and sung in a perfect cockney British accent. Unfortunately the group split following the release of their debut album the same year.

The Pandoras, 'Hot Generation'

60s garage-rock revivalists from the 80s. The Pandoras’ music was a melding of fuzz-laden punk riffs and lead singer Paula Pierce’s ferocious garage growl. While their originals are ace, we love their take on Australian surf band the Sunset’s 'Hot Generation'.

Nikki and the Corvettes, 'You’re The One'

At 16, Nikki Corvette ran away form home to see MC5 in concert, and started Nikki and the Corvettes soon after. Their sole eponymous debut record is power-pop perfection.

Gito Gito Hustler, 'Wonderful'

Powerful, high-energy punk rock from Kyoto, Japan. We love this live clip of them playing in a pub in America, especially the drummer shouting “BUY OUR CD OR DIE!” before launching into this killer track.

Au Pairs, 'We’re So Cool'

Brash, unapologetic and political, Au Pairs sang about sex-positivity before it was a buzzword. The post-punk band split up 1983, and today, front woman Lesley Woods works as a human rights lawyer - so punk rock!

She, 'Outta Reach'

A sick 60s garage blues band formed by two teenage sisters from California. The singer is an insane talent - on some parts of 1970 single ‘Outta Reach’ you’d swear it was Patti Smith herself.