Porous Walker Interview

· Wednesday June 16, 2010

Porous Walker is an artist. He has a board in this years I Used To Skate Once show. Porous Walker likes to skate. Porous Walker likes my last name. Porous Walker is the nicest dude, ever. He's also a bit of a kook - so we decided, what the hay, let's give him a kooky interview. We call it the 'word association interview' (we gave Porous a bunch of words and asked him to tell us what they made him think of).These are followed by some 'finish this sentence' and then some actual questions. We said ‘it's fun, you'll see…' (be sure to click on the links)

Rachel Surgeoner: Hi Porous, I say ‘cat' you think…
Porous Walker: Millie Fairhall and her cat (I think they live in Maleny Aus) who I sent a cat mask to, and her cat proudly wears it.

RS: ‘bruise'
PW: I grew up watching old wrestling, so I think of Frank “Bruiser” Brody

RS: ‘wheels'
PW: Solitary Arts 100A 54mm WHITE YOLKS! The only wheels I skate.

RS: 'serpent'
PW: Jay Howell, one of my favorite artists ever.

RS: ‘broom'
PW: This photo

RS: ‘cheque'
PW: The French Laundry in Yountville,CA. Never ate there, but seen the cheque for a dinner.

RS: ‘happy meal'
PW: I'm trying to keep this interview sex free, but my wife knows what a happy meal is to me.

RS: ‘journal'
PW: I think about how great it must be to be a journal of Don Pendletons art.

RS: Finish this sentence…
PW: Or die?

RS: The best moment ever….
PW: keeps happening again and again.

RS: Last Saturday morning I was…
PW: thinking of a plan to get to Australia by rowboat.

RS: So, Robert Patterson bought your 'names t' shirt huh (winks)… Are you like friends with R Patz?
PW: Totally friends. That's the Twilight guy right? HA! (That's a little inside joke we have, you kind of have to be in our tight circle to get it).

RS: Do you guys (you and R Patz) like hang out much? Like shooting the breeze and stuff?
PW: He's been busier than ever, but occasionally we'll meet up at the mall.

RS: When you're driving you listen to…
PW: the voices in my head trying to remember where I am going.

RS: A favourite artist of yours is…
PW: Mark Twain

RS: Your favourite place to buy apple pie (or pastry of choice)…
PW: Usually anywhere Jesse Pollock or John Groshong refer.

RS: I hate it when…
PW: I hate it.

And some actual Q's

RS: Where do you adopt a name like Porous Walker from?(btw we love it)
PW: Thanks, I was helped by the ghost of Shel Silverstein, true story.

RS: Do you skate much yourself? If so, when did you start?
PW: I started skating in 1985 when I was small. Skated almost everyday until about 2001 and it's slowed a bit since. Now I skate once or more a week if I am lucky. In my head I skate this hill everyday.

RS: Have you ever worked a really shitty job in between making art?
PW: I've never had a shitty job, I mean I have been grateful for any job that actually pays me to do stuff. I've been working at a 'job' since I was about 8 years old, so I trained myself early to always incorporate my imagination into whatever I am doing, it has helped me through some rough times, and I think it is what has helped me to not give up on making art.

RS: Do you call yourself an ‘artist' when people ask you what you do?
PW: No one really asks me that, I don't think they really care.  Except for the in laws, I've told them I'm an artist and they say, no really, what are you doing for a job?

RS: Have you ever been to Australia? What did / do you imagine it to be like?
PW: I have never been to Australia. I imagine it is the greatest place in the world.  I've seen pictures of it, and I have somehow met people from there - who have always been the nicest people. And let's be honest, there are kangaroos there, running wild everywhere and swimming in the rivers and lakes. I want to be there. We have boring deer here in the USA.