Little Joe No. 3

· Monday January 16, 2012

The kooky queens behind Butt Magazine recently announced their latest issue shall be their last, and while gays everywhere mourn the passing with shrines of poppers and back issues of Drummer, it's nice to know there are newcomers able to fill the hole Butt has left. Little Joe issue 3 is an inspiring jolt of same-sex creative juices as they apply to the film world. But straight folks needn't feel uninvited, since, in the words of another beloved queer publication on ongoing hiatus, “You don't have to be gay to get it”.

Editor Sam Ashby digs deep beneath the footnotes to true obscurities; director David DeCoteau talks about his (hilariously) homoerotic horror films; articles on and full color photos of camp b-movie gore maestro Andy Milligan (he shot his films and sewed his costumes at home!). The cover story features frank, funny Bronx-bred 8mm auteur George Kuchar, who was interviewed just weeks before he sadly passed away.

There's also a tribute to Times Square when it was sleazy, a Mike Mills zine (extracted from his Drawings From The Film Beginners book) and way more, all beautifully articulated in prose and pics. I know I raved about Little Joe #2 not-that-long-ago but if Issue 3 sold out before you could buy a copy, I would never be able to show my face at the Gay Mafia meetings again.