We Are Not Obscene magazine

· Wednesday March 14, 2012

You don't have to be the particularly observant to notice that skateboarding has 'made it' - the guy that in school took so much pleasure in tormenting skaters is probably riding a z-flex as I write this.  This topic brings to mind something Alison Bechdel once said - when speaking of fighting for acceptance, you can end up “clinging bitterly to your resistance even after the battle has been won”, assuming you cared about it in the first place.

But skating is about more than just skating and the Canberrans behind We Are Not Obscene don't seem to show any signs of this inner struggle. The writing consists solely of interviews; the questions simple, candid and open, so that it sounds in one's head like a conversation between old friends. The interviews are great because these people are genuinely interested in who they're interviewing, whether they be a skateboarder, photographer, designer, or videographer. Featuring the likes of Chris Middlebrook, Matt Dobbs, Luke Chiswell, and Dale Van Iseral among others.

The large format is an intelligent choice as they give the photographs (which are stunning) the space they need. This also makes the pages perfect poster size. It's easy to scoff at the prospect of a skate/art/photography magazine and label it bandwagon crap, but We Are Not Obscure is just guys doing their thing interviewing and profiling guys who do their thing, which is refreshing.