Fallow: Curiosities and Cloth

· Wednesday March 19, 2008

You know that little stairway between Hopscotch and Hit And Run in the Valley? Looks a bit dank and hell seedy. Well there's a shop up there. Hiding. It's brand new, and a still a little shy, but the brave folk of FourThousand are happy to announce that it is worth the worrisome climb.
A discreet black door is all you will see on the outside. But as in all the best computer games and children's storybooks, it’s the secret doorway to a room full of hidden treasures, if you’re game enough to turn the handle.

You will be seduced by the elegant lighting and wallpaper to-die-for immediately. There is plenty to be charmed by: old-fashioned telephones, plump leather chairs, exotic chocolates, soaps which smell like Sambuca.

The space is large, dark and sexy, stocking only black, white and grey tones (and the occasional splashes of gold and silver). Stock is from labels like Chronicles of Never, Claude Maus and Frederick Gray.

Like an extravagant parlor, the whole place has a feeling of quiet escape. For those seeking a touch of class and otherworldliness in our shopping experience, take a trip through the magical doorway.