Jet Black Cat Music

· Wednesday April 6, 2011

I sometimes wonder if the true meaning of ‘indie' has been lost. Somewhere between adjective and noun it seems to have forgone all that semantic value Bob so nicely sums up in this acrostic poem.

So when I say that Jet Black Cat Music is totes indie, I'm not just saying they're the Animal Collective to my Pitchfork, I'm also saying they are inspired, nontraditional, determined and innovative.

What used to be a part-time market stall at Davies Park and Valley Laneway Markets has now graduated to a real shop front with four walls and a ceiling (that's determination). It's a good thing too, because now all those band posters have a permanent place to hang pretty. They stock a huge range of vinyl and CDs - from international acts right down to local artists - which are sold by the lady behind the (nontraditional) piano/counter. With a paw on Brisbane's musical pulse, this is the place to share stories, trade recommendations (i.e. inspirations) and keep up with the latest music news. You can even enter a Splendour Tipping Comp. If there's something particular you want, request it - they are always adding to their collection (innovative, you see). This Black Cat is no harbinger of bad luck, she brings tides of indie joy.