Reebok Factory Outlet

· Tuesday November 3, 2009

Before Andre Leon Talley came along and single-handedly crushed my exercise=dowdy belief system, I was happy living in a post-Flashdance miasma of misinformed workout style. Now my fashion radar tingles disturbingly every time I walk past a sports store.

Lured inside by the promise of a bike helmet that would make me aerodynamic and sneakers that would fit just right, my heart said yes!, but my wallet said no. Then I found the Reebok Factory Outlet.

A labyrinth of racks, baskets, buckets and boxes, this store boasts more logos and brand-names than you can poke a stick at. From sporty stuff by Reebok and Adidas to Ben Sherman polos and winter woolies and an unusual collection of Lacoste shoes, everything sells for 30%-50% off retail price. Whether you're infield, off field or just playing the field, the Reebok Factory Outlet is a cost-appropriate way to satisfy a lycra craving.