The Third Row

· Monday July 22, 2013

It was only a few weeks ago that a nameless magazine giant 'made some changes' to better provide for random impulse buying thanks to an app that links-up readers and retailers in real time. Taking a page from said magazine's, well, magazine, it now seems that a similar revolution is taking place in the e-mag world.

Much more than just an online store, The Third Row is a digital safe house for other people’s data. Clothing, accessories, homewares, technology and all that other stuff featured on blogs, online magazines and zines (including yours truly) is lovingly categorised, price tagged and linked up to create a huge, ever-evolving catalogue of items.

The Third Row will feed you content about said item, straight from the blog where you probably saw it first. The iSelect of the online shopping world, the site will then gladly shuffle you along to the designer’s or store’s website and your newly plentiful check-out cart, letting you put the dollars in the pockets of independent designers and shopkeepers where they belong. If you’ve been scouting for an objective place from where to observe and keep track of everything going on in the blog shopping world, then The Third Row has the best seat in the house.