The Tip Shop

· Wednesday July 14, 2010

Fake plastic roses and polyester-stuffed kittens, old copper kettles and pre-loved mittens, bags full o' rags and tied up with string…

If those are a few of your favourite things, you'll love the Endeavour Foundation's latest discount shopping enterprise, The Tip Shop.

Archerfield Airport's answer to DFO, The Tip Shop is a one-stop-shop for second-hand goods, all of which come courtesy of the city's four waste transfer stations (aka tips). It may not always be in tip-top condition, but all merchandise has been cleaned, repaired, restored and priced by staff at a huge discount.

Arguably the only place in Brisbane where you can buy a bicycle, a chain and lock for your bicycle, and a portion of garden fence on which to chain your new bicycle under the one roof, The Tip Shop is a menagerie of discarded consumer goods. With things to play with, cook with, eat with, write with, listen to, sit on, lie on and wear, expect your inner frugal self to be tempted by boogey boards, kayaks, kitchen sinks, window fittings, bird cages, pianos, armoires and lounge suits.