TUB online store

· Thursday July 14, 2016

The word 'curated' gets chucked around a lot in retail marketing. Got more than three things on your shelf? Are they different from each other? Congratulations, you're a curator. New online store TUB however, sort of is capital-C Curated. There's a very definite aesthetic thread through its small capsule of items and a detectable note of careful selection making it somewhat deserving of the descriptor. Also, there's no reason for curated to be thrown into TUB's marketing package, as there isn't actually any marketing behind it yet.

Sydney-sider Imants Thomas is the sharp eye behind TUB and he treats the small store as a graphic side project to his regular art and design jobs. His taste dictates the colourful and weird vintage items available as he sources them himself either from travelling or from his bedroom behind the computer. The collection of items are a mix of Japanese, Italian and American designers, all with the same Memphis-design-meets-Grug in the 70s look. There's a fetching collection of rockmelon bowls by Ed Langbien or a retro mustard jug from Michael Grave, a series of toy-coloured mirrors by Marco Zanini or, oh lord, this adorable lamp I can't get enough of:


Seldom do you walk into a homewares store and can imagine a place in your house for every item straight away. TUB just seems to have the right amount of practicality and pizaaz and nails the collectible nostalgia without being tacky. I would feel comfortable surrounded by all of these brightly coloured things and am also pretty into their self-branded merchandise items, a keyring and a tote that are as fetching as the vintage stock (currently sold out, but replenishing soon). TUB sure is one helluva curated retail experience or just a collection of great looking stuff you can buy, you decide.