Garage Sale Trail registration is open!

· Monday September 26, 2016

At last year's Garage Sale Trail I bought a gold leotard because I was optimistic about my impending summer bod and unrealistic about potential overthinking of second-hand crotch wear. It was three bucks though so, who cares! Even better than impulse buying someone else's glamour is getting the chance to flog your own stuff, and now's your chance. Registration is open!

Now in its sixth year, the GST is taking over the streets, stoops and gardens of houses and businesses all over town. It's free to register a stall on the site and you get to be part of a database directing bargain hungry shoppers directly to your door. Be gone the flattened beer carton signs of the past and welcome comfortable digital registration. Sign yourself up, or at least, swing by my place, I have a really fetching gold leotard going for only $4!