Bubble O'Bill print bike shorts

· Thursday January 22, 2015

Bubble O'Bills are the greatest ice cream you can pull out of the milk bar freezer. Screw Magnums or Drumsticks, pink cowboy-shaped ice cream is where it's at. (Before we go any further, let’s just agree to skim over the fact that the bubble gum nose tastes like soggy nothingness.)

Anyway, don't you just love Bubble O'Bills so much that you want them printed on your lycra bike shorts? I mean, the ice cream is going straight to your arse anyway so you may as well commemorate it there…

EAT.ME.DO is a Melbourne fashion label that’s been making food related fash for about two-and-a-half years. Lara Ivachev, the sweet-toothed genius behind the label designed and created the print herself. Imagine your ideal dream pantry, and Eat Me Do is probably that, but the food is on clothes instead. Wearable edibles.

The super limited run of these shorts drop on the Eat Me Do online store tomorrow for $85 a pop.