Garage Sale Trail 2014 registration now open

· Wednesday September 17, 2014

Trawling through other people's stuff that they own but no longer want to own — infinitely interesting. Miranda July wrote a book about it, Pierre Omidyar built an empire out of it. Sure you've got to get through seemingly endless quantities of ships in bottles, 90s Pizza Hut collectibles, troll dolls and Hall & Oates vinyls (always with the Hall & Oates vinyls) to find that pre-loved gem, but once you've found it, oh boy. You know how the saying goes — one woman's unwanted Sex & The City DVD box set is another woman's cinematic treasure.

This Saturday October 25, the nation comes together once more to celebrate thrifting chrismukkah aka Garage Sale Trail. The national not-for-profit event, which sees literally thousands of garage sales concentrated into one day, is all about promoting reuse, reducing waste and 'enabling neighbourly connections' (read: great excuse to hit on the sprouter down the street). Now in its fourth year, this one is going to be a banger — it's expected that 350,000 of us are going to take part, listing over 1.5 million items for sale.

Along with getting rid of all the stuff you don't need (when did your wardrobe morph into your floor and worldly possessions start spilling out from beneath your bed?), Garage Sale Trail is also for makers and creators. Registration to be a seller in this year's Garage Sale Trail is now open, and it's free! When you sign up online, you get to create a profile page so that buyers can search online and see ya stall. Check out what's popping off near you, and see you on October 25 (but be warned: we will fight you for that amazingly kitsch Mira Fujita print).