Mongrel Socks

· Monday April 28, 2014

Like anyone who grew up well below the equator, I know the wrong sock choice at this time of year can lead to a very bad time. In my experience there are generally two kinds of socks: good socks and bad socks. Bad socks are made up of lab-borne synthetics and last little more than a season. Good socks are made from certified Tasmanian grown merino, come in all sorts of bright and excellent colours, and will, if you treat them right, last a lifetime. Mongrel Tasmanis socks are good socks.

Also available from Mongrel Tasmanis Socks (but not pictured above) are “other stuff they choose to wear” like: leg warmers, head warmers, heavy duty Tuff Mongrel socks, eco-friendly bamboo socks, arm warmers, Possum Socks and a something called the Space Dyed Knee High sock. Which, admittedly, I have not tested personally, but must also admit sound pretty bloody good.