Hubert Duprat at MONA

· Monday April 28, 2014

French artist Hubert Duprat has been working with the strange intersection between caddisfly larvae and precious stones and metals since the 1980s – a surprising fascination given he's neither a fisherman nor an entomologist.

In the natural world caddislfy larvae need to protect themselves from predators. They do this by making elaborate shields for themselves from materials found in their environments. In this union, with Duprat as the orchestrator, he provides his builders not with your average riverbed materials but with bug-sized turquoise gems, rubies, pieces of gold, opals and other precious stones, instilling in them some pretty expensive taste.

His exhibition at MONA – his first in Australia – showcases the marriage of art and science as a welcome nuptial. Go check it out and absorb yourself in the naturalistic and synthetic, where the crystals will dazzle you and the fastidious nature of both insect and human come together in an unlikely partnership.