Cider Spiders

· Thursday January 22, 2015

If you're looking for a drink to define the summer, here it is in all its foamy glory. It's the 'Cider Spider'. Cider is best in summer. Ice cream is summer as fuck. This makes complete sense. Why haven't you thought of this before?

If you can't remember your childhood slash never dined at The Pancake Parlour, a spider is a beverage with ice cream and soft drink (probably creamy soda). But we're swapping the soda for cider because we are smart and like to get drank.

1. Put your choice of ice cream in a tall glass
2. Pour in the cider
3. Get in there with a straw and spoon

If you can't decide on the cider or ice cream, here are some ideas (also, learn from our mistakes).

Monteith's Crushed Pear Cider / Peter's Dixie Cup vanilla


If you haven't dabbled, this is a good entry-level cider spider. It won't blow your mind because it basically just tastes like creamy cider, but it's still refreshing. The ice cream doesn't bring much flavour to the party, but hey, this is first base.


Koppaberg Strawberry and Lime cider / Gelato Messina lemon sorbet


Sheer cider spider genius. This cider is super sweet so I thought I'd cut through it with something acidic, because this is a science. The lemon sorbet is bitter and adds depth. Because it is a sorbet (which has no milk or cream), it left the cider clear and not as cloudy. Good chemistry on many levels. Kinda wanted to take it to the beach and maybe kiss it a bit.


The Apple Thief Pink Lady cider / Gelato Messina red velvet


The thought pattern behind this combo was: “What goes well with apple? Cheese? Is there cheese ice cream?” Then I wandered down to Messina and saw they had cream cheese gelato with red velvet cake. Kinda cheesy. The highlight was definitely not the flavour, but the novelty of vacuuming cake chunks through a straw. Drinking cake is cool, but maybe not with cider.


Old Mout Boysencider / Ben and Jerry’s Brown Sugar Blondie


I thought this combo would create a cider spider tart. The boysenberry cider would be the berry filling and the ice cream has brownies and butter scotch, so that would be the pastry, sauce and cream. Yeahhhhh… nah. Tastes like shit. Maybe because the cider has boysenberry wine in it. Never mix wine and ice cream. Learn it.


Strongbow Original cider / Streets Rainbow Paddle Pop


These were my two fave things as teenager so let's see if they work together, lol lol lol. This was the joke combo, but it ended up being one of the best. Strongbow, you made me spew so much in the early 2000s. Now you're back with the Paddle Pop Lion, and not just in my stomach with a kilo of pasta! This next fact may shatter your whole world: Rainbow Paddle Pops are caramel flavoured. Think about it. Caramel, apples and alcohol… sounds like Maggie Beer is getting crunk! Dream scenario.


If you have any other cool cider and ice cream combos let us know because we want to go deep on this.