Library House

· Friday April 4, 2014

It's a known fact that creative people have a knack for making the spaces they occupy beautiful. And as far as shining examples go, it doesn't get much better than Library House, the collective right-brain baby of bestselling novelist Heather Rose and accomplished musician Rowan Smith.

Situated at the top of Forest Road in the hillside suburb of West Hobart, Library House was designed by its former residents (Heather and Rowan have since moved to the beach) to offer visitors of the Deep South a seriously stylish experience.

With its buttermilk-coloured facade, high ceilings, decorative verandah, original fireplaces, library, contemporary extension and completely spectacular views over Hobart, walking into Library House for the first time is literally breathtaking. Even if I hadn't been sucking wind from the steep ascent up Forest Road, that view still would have taken my breath away.

In keeping with the overall theme, each room is named after a book or film of special meaning to Heather and Rowan. Rowan's old studio is named Norwegian Wood after his favourite Beatles song and Murakami novel. The second downstairs bedroom, named The Age of Innocence, is an ode to the first film the couple saw together, while The River Wife bedroom upstairs, with its ensuite, walk-in wardrobe and view across Hobart, shares the title of Heather's third novel.

It will only take you about ten minutes to walk from central Hobart to Library House, less than five if you go by car. But be warned, once there – despite its convenient location just a short walk to Battery Point and neighbouring Salamanca – there's a strong chance you will never want to leave. And why should you? You've got enough reading material there to last a lifetime.